Taylor Technical Services, established in 1977, is a staffing firm that specializes in Engineering & Design personnel. Headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas we presently serve the Houston, national and international markets. Whether you are an employer or an employee you can rest assured our track record is proven and we are one the largest and most respected staffing firms in the Greater Houston area! We can provide employment and experienced and well qualified personnel in the least amount of time with great pay, benefits, and affordable rates!


We Bring the Right People Together

Our company has worked with Taylor Technical for over 15 years.  I enjoy working with Ashley and the team at Taylor Technical, they really make it easy to fill our staffing needs.  I especially like knowing that they only send the “best” candidates for our positions.  We have 100% satisfaction and would not hesitate to recommend Taylor Technical to other companies.

Kevin F. – Client

We Bring the Right People Together

I have been an employee of Taylor Technical since 1989, and at my current assignment since 1994.  Whenever I have any needs or questions, I know I can call Charmayne at the home office, she is always friendly and helpful.  The technical recruiters are always informed on the current temperature of the industry from who is who, who is available, and who might be hiring.

Ron R. – Employee  

We Bring the Right People Together

‘The recruiters at Taylor are very well versed in all aspects of the oil and gas sector! They are always my first call when I need personnel!’

-Chris W. Client

We Bring the Right People Together

‘After graduating high school I had no idea what I wanted to do, career wise.  Taylor helped me with a path in computer aided design and I have never looked back!’

-Shane D. Employee

We Bring the Right People Together

I have always found Taylor Technical and the entire staff to be very professional and efficient when dealing with personnel needs. They have never failed to provide me with the right candidate for my projects regardless of skill sets. They are always prompt and they always deliver – even at a moments’ notice. I always use Taylor Technical exclusively for my staffing needs. – Stephen J. Client

We Bring the Right People Together

I have spent the last 20 years both working for Taylor and using them as a candidate provider while at multiple clients in and around the Houston area. The respect that Taylor has garnered throughout multiple industries is unmatched by anyone else by far. The recruiters at Taylor are constantly in communication with both employers and candidates to quickly and efficiently place people where they can make huge contributions. Employers know that when a resume from Taylor is given to them, that person has been vetted and is the best fit for their job. Many thanks to Taylor and their team, here’s to another great 20 years!

Brian C. – Employee and Client

We Bring the Right People Together

I have been with Taylor Technical for 17 years assigned to a major Refining company working with a staff of 10-25 designers, engineers and support staff providing full coverage engineering services for all disciplines as needed by the client. The average Taylor Technical employee has worked with us for 12+ years with extensive on-site field work and offsite design services supporting all projects up to $10mm.  I am more than impressed with Taylor’s ability to find exceptional candidates that support our company’s needs.

– Darin A. Employee

We Bring the Right People Together

“Taylor Technical has always met our hiring needs with qualified Applications. For many years we have had opportunities to use other staffing services, but always stay with Taylor Technical. We Truly enjoy working with their staff!”

Andre P. – Client

We Bring the Right People Together

 I have worked with Taylor Technical Services for nearly 15 years.  Our company has also partnered with them for many decades.  Taylor is a premier vendor on our supply chain.  We rely on them to fill home office engineering & design technical roles along with site assignments.  They know our business and the industry.  We appreciate their partnership and continued support.

Greg A – Staffing Director, Major EPC Company

We Bring the Right People Together

I’ve had the privilege to work with and know Marty for over 25 years.  During this time he supplied the company with well over 1,000 highly qualified engineers and designers at a competitive rate. You can always depend on high caliber people from Marty and in those rare occasions, he will correct any employee issues quickly and with professionalism.

I find Marty easy to work with and he provides feedback that you need to hear — maybe not necessarily what you want to hear.  However that diverse feedback helped me make good decisions.  Craig – Employer

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